Here is your typical guide to crimes. It lists the crime, the rewards, how much it costs, but some more information than that. Also listed here is the reward per brave, which essentially tells you which crimes are worth doing over others. If you are still a little confused by this, look at it this way:

A hypothetical crime costs 10 brave to do. it pays $1000, 20 crystals, and 10 skill points. That means, for every 1 brave you use on the crime, you get: $100, 2 crystals, and 1 SP

Another hypothetical crime costs 5 brave, pays $600, 15 crystals, and 10 skill points. That means, for every 1 brave you use on the crime, you get: $120, 3 crystals, and 2 SP.

You can see by the above example that the 10 brave crime seems like the better choice since its rewards are greater, but in actuality the rewards from the 5 crime brave are greater over time. now, in reality none of the crimes actually work that drastic of a difference, but some lower brave crimes are overall superior to some of the higher brave crimes.

NOTE! EXP and Gold Token payouts are not listed here simply because those are level dependent, and to track every single level and its specific payouts was too labourous a task. For those rewards, generally the lowest brave crime that still rewards you is the better one. Usually.


Name Brave Money $/Brave
Farmer's Crops 1 $50 $50
Scrolls 3 $150 $50
Peasant Shoes 7 $400 $57.142
Villager's Jewlery 12 $725 $60.416
Stagecoach 18 $1100 $61.111
Noble Furs 25 $1600 $64
Knight's Sword 35 $2400 $68.571
Lord's Armor 50 $3700 $74


Name Brave SP SP/Brave
Small Barn Animal 5 2 0.4
Large Barn Animal 10 5 0.5
Horse 20 10 0.5
Peasant Child 40 20 0.5
Peasant 60 30 0.5
Noble Child 100 51 0.51
Noble 150 77 0.513


Name Brave Crystals Crystal/Brave
Counterfeit Coins 5 1 0.2
Arson 15 3 0.2
Fraud 30 6 0.2
Forming a Rebellion 50 10 0.2
Treason 75 15 0.2

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